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Why Stage Your Home?

Because it really matters! Like they say ... a picture is worth a thousand words. This couldn't be more true for people deciding to buy a home. In fact, many homes are overlooked because the pictures don't do it justice. This video is about why it's critical to stage a vacant property.
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Vacant Staging

From $900
The actual price will vary based on what is needed.

What is this?

This is a two-part service offered when the home will be completely vacant.

Part One — Look

One of our designers will take a "look" at the home to determine what rooms make the most sense to be staged. We typically tell people to stage the first rooms buyers will see and any awkward space that may be difficult for buyers to envision how to furnish.

Part Two — Staging

We bring our furniture and decor items to the home and set everything up.

Please take note that this is NOT A CLEANING SERVICE. The home needs to be clean by the time our designers/movers arrive.

Occupied Staging w/ Restyle

From $800
The actual price will vary based on what is needed.

What is this?

This is a three-part service offered when a homeowner is currently living in the home and, in order to get the best photos possible, they are in need of fill-in or upgraded furnishings. We will do all the work for the homeowner to prepare all the rooms in their home for photos as well as bring in any large furniture items needed.

Part One — Look

One of our designers will make an appointment to stop by the home to “look” at what needs to be done. They will take photos and prepare a plan for the second part of the service. This appointment usually takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Part Two — Proposal

A proposal will then be sent over via email with our recommendations for what the homeowner can do and what we will do to prepare the home for professional photos. A price will be given at this time and if agreed to, the third appointment will be set.

Part Three — Staging

After our evaluation is made and the proposal has been agreed to, the third appointment is set for one or two (depending on the scope of the job) of our designers and/or movers to return to do all the work for the homeowner in order to get the best possible photos for the MLS. The items that we recommended the homeowner do should be done by this appointment.

It is best if the homeowner is not present on staging day so that our designers can work uninhibited. While our services are somewhat methodical, this is still a creative process, and the freedom to do what is needed without supervision always results in a better outcome.

In this service we will be working with the homeowners belongings as well as our own staging items. This work will be done in all the previously agreed upon areas of the home and may entail any or all of the following:

  • moving existing furniture around within the home
  • moving existing artwork and decor items to places where they will get the best use
  • removal of window treatments
  • clearing of clutter
  • removing items that don’t work well to an agreed upon area
  • clearing countertops
  • removing personal and/or cleaning items
  • finding and hanging fresh towels
  • remaking beds
  • turning on all lights and making sure all light bulbs are working
Please take note that this is NOT A CLEANING SERVICE. The home needs to be clean by the time our designers/movers arrive.

If larger existing furniture pieces need to be moved by us, that must be agreed to in advance. The homeowners will then be responsible for identifying a place where we should put things, and they should have that area cleared and ready for us to place things there.

The homeowner will also be asked to agree in advance to having ANYTHING in the home moved around. Unless the homeowner specifically states items they don’t want to be moved or touched in an email to the designers before the actual appointment, our designers will use their judgment and expertise as to what needs to be moved or removed.

Any important items that homeowners need to have access to, such as any electronics, etc., should be put in a safe place by the homeowner before our designer’s arrival so they know exactly where those items are when they arrive back at the home.

Everyday items that a homeowner doesn’t need to pack should be put out of sight, for a photo will be placed in the nearest drawer or cabinet to where they were initially found.

Because our designers will make the home “photo-ready,” we recommend that professional photos be scheduled on the same day as the staging appointment. We try to get to these appointments in the morning before 10 am, so photos should be scheduled for any time after 2 pm that same day. If photos can not be scheduled for the same day, we advise homeowners to take their own pictures of the areas that have been staged so that they can ensure they look the same for the professional photo shoot.

Who is this best for?

This service is for the person who doesn’t have the TIME or CAPACITY to optimally prepare their home to be ready for photos on their own. They may have missing larger items such as sofas, dining tables, etc or their own furniture is in poor condition.

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