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We think that design advice should be accessible to everyone, so we’ve created a service to fill a need we believe people really want when they go looking for help with the interior of their home.

Sometimes you may not even know what you are looking for, but know that you want to make some changes. If you are looking for a little guidance, a push to get going, or simply a validation of your own choices by an expert, then we are here to help.

Our service is a bit different than hiring most Interior Designers. If you hire a designer the usual way, they will typically charge an hourly rate or a flat fee for their service. Their service can include anything from sourcing and designing, hiring and managing subcontractors as well as ordering items for you, which will usually include a mark-up. This can get pretty costly to the homeowner. Because we want this type of service to be accessible by more people, we’re offering something different.

Once you reach out to us to say that you need help, here’s what we offer.

  • Our Design Department will contact you to set up an initial consultation to determine the scope of the job. The fee for this is $150.
  • Our Designer will come see your home and assess what you are needing and how we can help you get there.
  • If you determine that we can help you and you would like to move forward, we charge a flat fee of $500 for the following services, and the consultation fee is applied toward that:
    • We will create a mood board to show you visually what we think you can do. This may include:
      • Upgrading furnishings due to wear & tear, not the right fit or style 
      • Furniture placement ideas to maximize comfort and functionality
      • Change in overall style or color palate
      • Change outdated light fixtures
      • Paint color choices
      • Flooring choices
      • Other tile ideas for kitchen or bathrooms
      • Window treatment ideas  
    • We will include links to any items we source online or at local stores and show you our tips and tricks in getting the best possible prices on these items.
    • To keep the cost down for you, we won’t be managing any installations, however we will make referrals to our vetted vendors for:
      • Paint
      • Flooring
      • Light fixture install
      • Handyman needs

If you are over the moon about the changes we helped you make and need other design ideas that go beyond the above items. We can take it a step further. If you and your designer are a good fit, our designer can take over the project from that point on independent of Peterson & Plum and any of their services will then solely be between you and our designer.

We are probably not a good fit if you are looking for:

  • Full kitchen or bath remodels that require a general contractor for movement of water lines, major electrical, cabinet replacement or relocation of appliances.
  • Removal of walls that may require engineering.
  • 3D renderings of architectural plans.
See Some Before and Afters

Wanted House #2 But Bought House #1? No Problem!

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family room 1 before

old carpet, light fixtures, and an uninteresting fireplace

family room 1 after

new paint, floor, light fixtures and created a more interesting fireplace

entry before

walked right into a wall

entry after

removed non-loadbearing wall and added a window

kitchen before

small cramped space boxed in by non-loadbearing walls

kitchen after

removed the walls and created a large island

Why Take Our Word for It? See What Our Client Has to Say.

"Aundrelyn of Peterson and Plum is a talented home design professional. She has an eye for drama, for luscious and for comfort. After entering our home, she knew immediately what it needed. She interviewed us, gave us ideas, took photos and submitted a proposal. After we contracted to work with her, she led us through a process that had, previously, daunted and eluded us. She used a software program to show us what the new layout would look like and gave us photos of furniture and accessories of what she thought would work in our space. She was also funny and fun to work with! She loves doing this and it really shows in her attitude and in her choices. With her help, we came in under budget and on time. We will continue to work with her on various projects and look forward to our time together! We highly recommend her."

—Katrina Starkweather, Homeowner
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